Schizo Distro/Fanzine


I have cut down the distro part of Schizo Distro/Fanzine but of course will
the blog and fanzine continue just as much or even more like before.
I have also some new services to offer... 

* Ads
* Sleeves (Cd, Vinyl, Tapes)
* Logotypes
* Convert files from/to JPG, EPS, TIF, GIF
* I have a collaboration with an illustrator

* Digitalize tapes to MP3/Wav
* Convert files from/to MP3, Wav, Ogg etc
* Create music vids and publish them on Youtube

* Promote your band thru reviews
* Publish info about gigs and tours
* Interviews, I will only interview bands I like

* We can brainstorm together to reach the best result, or if you want will I do everything
by my own. You will always see the result before it's going to be published.

* The costs will always vary, it depends much on what kind of help you want.
This is still a DIY work so much of my work will be free. Examples:
- I help a band with a CD layout, then I just want a copy of the CD
- I help a band to digitalize a tape, then I just want to keep the tape
- I help a label with an ad, then I just want material to review

It's always possible to discuss everything from the beginning to the end.
Send an email for questions, suggestions or if you need help with anything...

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