Review: Saturdays Heroes

Saturdays Heroes - Backyard Troubadour (EP)

The young members in this band really start to sound mature. But since I can be a bit conservative will I just give Saturdays Heroes a warning, watch out for too good productions and watch out to fall into the american streetpunk syndrome. That's my opinion, but it seems like I am pretty alone to hate bands like Dropkick Murphys, US Bombs and Street Dogs, so don't listen to me. Well, one of these three tracks is a cover by DKM (Get up), and it almost sounds just like DKM. I don't like that, I prefer when bands record covers with their own style. But I will not complain more, Saturdays Heroes is a fucking good band, they belong to one of the best streetpunkbands in Sweden. So my warnings is just because I am worried to lose this band into a boring genre where all bands have the same sound - the fucked up american streetpunk wave anno 2009. Try to embrace more from the UK Oi! scene and I will be 100% satisfied. Because you really has the makings of a fantastic band.

(Release date: 1 march 2012)

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