Review: Antipati - Quattro Stagioni + Extra allt

Antipati - Quattro Stagioni + Extra allt (CD)

This must be the perfect streetpunk album without no doubts. They are flirting pretty much with Agent Bulldogg, but copycats? No way! Antipati have their own sound. This album are infact almost like an Antipati-compilation where 4 tracks comes from the 7" Quattro Stagioni which was released by Kjell Hell. 3 tracks is from the split with Last Rough Cause and 1 track will appear on Turist i Tillvaron Vol.3. I fucking love how Antipati have written the tracks to Quattro Stagioni, when the music reflects the lyrics, where the summer and spring lyrics are in major keys and autumn and winter in minor key. This album, from the cover to the music, is so deliberated. Forget the past, Antipati is the future. Their punkrock hits me straight from the beginning to the end. And I have to admit that I drank my first beer since New years eve today (end of february) after I'd listen to this album. You will get 8 tracks/26 minutes of pure punkrock joy. And Antipati really show how to make a top class production but still have the sound of punkrock. I have praised the french Oi! scene, but hell knows if this isn't better.

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