Review: Atomic Pollution - Peaceful protest

Atomic Pollution - Peaceful protest (Digital)

Atomic Pollution is back, free to download as always. And the lyrics, artwork, cover etc will be enclosed as well. I think this is the best Atomic Pollution has recorded. So I am glad that it 6 tracks this time insted of just 2. The sound is more angry now, and that is suitable to the lyrics.

The music is pretty much anarchopunk, better than many bands but not in the same class as Burnt Cross or Conflict. It would be fun to see how the sound should be if Atomic Pollution was a full band I can just imagine how "Free?" would sound. That's my favorite song on this release, Peaceful Protest (part.2) are good as well. I like when A.P make it angrier. Download this mini-ep for free, it's worth it, just visit atomicpollution.blogspot.com or download straight here: http://www.4shared.com/archive/EMDV76hE/atomicpollution_peacefulprotes.html

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