Review: More world, less bank pt.3 (7")

V/A - More world, less bank pt.3 - No borders no banks (7")

I can just agree with the press letter.. "All killers, no fillers". This EP contains of 8 bands and 8 tracks and I have to say that it's creame de la creame of Swedish raw/crust punk. Misär is the first band out, and the play classic swedish d-beat with spirits from the 90.s. Next out is Krimtänk, the soundquality isn't the best but they deliver as usual. Another band that deliver as usual is Slaktrens with their raw sound and grindparts, I love it. Eskatologia is a classic Halvfabrikat band, really raw and filled with melodic neocrust/minor key tunes. I like that in just right doses and it stands out perfect on this compilation. Passiv Dödshjälp is another faithful old servant band from Halvfabrikat and they have never disappointed me. Damn, the only band I've not heard before are Insidious Process, and guess what... It's the best band on this EP. So fucking raw and brutal. I just feel that I want more of them. Don't be surprised if you'll find an interview in this issue as well. I will always hold Moderat Likvidation as one of the best rawpunk band ever, but it was before their reunion, their song on this EP is far from their old stuff. The last band is another classic Halvfabrikat band, End of all, who play even more minor key melodic crust than Eskatalogia and they do it fantastic. I will recommend this EP for all lovers of Swedish crust/rawpunk, you will not be disappointed because this is high class all over.

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