Review: Extensity - La Gravedad De La Ley

Extensity - La Gravedad De La Ley

I fucking love it when good bands contact me and want me to review them. Extensity from Barcelona sent me an email and I downloaded their CD "`La gravedad de la ley", which is possible to order from the band, or listen to the entire album at their bandcamp, buy it if you like it. It's their ultra desperate hardcore that force me to pogo fucking hard. The music is a mix between Sick of it all and Gang Green. But Extensity are much harder and the vocals in particular are harder and so fucking raw. Maybe is Disfear the closest band to compare with. I will not say that any song is better than the other, because they are all good. 8 tracks in 9 minutes. And I want more now.

(I hope to get an interview with Extensity later on)

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