Interview: Turist i tillvaron - Sörling

I am not a frequently blog reader, but there is one blog in swedish that I use to take a look at
once a day. It's Turist i tillvaron, written by Mikael Sörling. He has also released the fantastic
compilation LP's Turist i Tillvaron. They have become a big success in Sweden and I wanna
highlight this compilation for all people outside Sweden. Therefore will an interview with
Mikael Sörling follow... Oh, and by the way, here is the impressive line up's for the compilations...

Vol 1: Slöa Knivar, Strindberg som tortyr, Spotlicks, Ernst and the Edsholm rebels, Bäddat för trubbel, Dick Tracy, Abjekt, Black Feet, Suicide Syndicate, Epidemics, Kronofogden, Varsel, Beyond Pink, Snutjävel, Prins Carl, Glidslem.

Vol 2: Allvaret, Bittra Miner, Brottskod 11, Nars, Headons, Trubbel, Thurneman, Tomma Händer, The Baboon Show, Kaffekatt, Vindicate This!, Fru Dörr, Mimikry, Fubbix, Striker, Insidious Process.

Vol 3: Livet som insats, Antipati, Uppgång & Fall, Negatives, Total Aggression, Oldfashioned Ideas, Håll käften, vad vill du?, Scarlet Radio, Obnoxious Youth, The Flints, Vånna Inget, Vervain, Moralens Väktare, Ticking Bombs, Gråsuggorna, Hyrda Knektar.  Release date: april/maj 2012

Vol 4: Makabert Fynd, Burning Kitchen, Asta Kask, Nobelkommittén, Crash Nomada, Gamla Pengar, Aggrenation, Din Skevf, Desperat, Bombfors, Rännstensorkestern, Va!?, Våldsamt Motstånd, Tiger Bell, Le Muhr, Kapitano. Release date: later 2012

If you wanna get in touch with Mikael, send a email to: turistbloggen@gmail.com

Hey Mikael, you will soon release Turist i tillvaron 2. But what kind of response have you got since you released Turist i tillvaron 1?

So far I've only heard good things about vol 1. But I'm not that suprised, It's a great compilation done with a lot of love for the music.

How did you come up with the idea to release this kind of compilation?
I wanted to document the swedish scene at this moment, since it musikwise never have sounded it better than today. I did not want this to be a raw punk compilation or a crust comp or a street punk comp or any other subgenre to punk. I want Turist i tillvaron to be PUNK compilations, like old time favourite compilations as Really Fast, Life is a joke, Sicher gibt es bessere zeiten... etc. The idea? I've got it when I was out power walking last winter.

My opinion is that the swedish punk standard is very high, if you have to pick 3 bands from T.I.T 1, which will you choose?

Slöa Knivar, Spotlicks and Dick Tracy. Tomorrow I'll propably choose three others.

How many copys did you press of T.I.T 1 and how many will it be on T.I.T 2?

First press of vol 1 500 copies, second press 100. 501 of vol 2. No second press.

Do you know how many copys that have been sent out abroad? And yeah, how would you describe this compilation for people from abroad?

Very few actually. Just a couple for reviews to Germany, Finland, Usa, Canada, Czech Republic – maybe 20 copies of vol 1 and 2. A spanish distro bought 5 of each. I've got a lot of mails from distros/record shops in Usa and Japan, but they all stepped back when they heard about our fucked up postage prices. It sounds like a Really Fast-comp for 2011.

And for last, which is the swedish punk capital city right now?

Malmoe is still number one bandwise. But Gothenburg is really close.

And what do you wish for 2012?

That Aceh-punks gets all the mixtapes and that my football team, IFK Norrköping, do better this season.

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