Review: The Radars - Anywhere but here (CD)

The Radars - Anywhere but here (CD)

I have never been a sucker for The Clash and even if it sounds like The Radars got much influences from them I will not say that this fullenght is a pure copy of The Clash. No, it's much better, MUCH better. It's almost like if they have taken over from where the swedish band Monster ended. But... it's even better, Monster had a couple of good hitsongs while The Radars delivers in almost every song. If I could re-write my top 10 for 2011 The Radars should be on that chart. All the catchy guitar and vocal melodies is magnificent. The feeling of skapunk is constant, even when it's not any backbeat, I guess that the horn-section together with the beats make the feeling even stronger. What else can I say? Well, the lyrics are short, simple but still very honest often about situations in life. I can just send a big congratulate to the norwegiean label Svindel Records who released this CD. And of course a big congratulate to The Radars for this success.

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