2011... here's my life... lot's of pics

My life top-5
1. Maria
2. Moving
3. Our Cats
4. Hammarby
5. Rock n roll 

Bands top-5 [punk]

1. Burnt Cross
2. Anatomi-71
3. Toxik Ephex
4. Bombardiers
5. Kismet HC
Schizo Fanzine #7...

Sports top-5
1. Bajen Fans, we did it!!
2. Bajen Fans Hockey
3. Ireland to Euro 2012
4. guif-HAMMARBY handball
5. Boston Bruins Stanley Cup

Bands/Artists top-5 [non-punk]

1. Christy Moore
2. Gary OG
3. Wolfe Tones
4. Stefan Sundström
5. Johan Johansson

Spotlicks / Buiten Gebruik Euro Tour top-5
1. Billi with my Hammarbyscarf
2. To meet Filthy Charity again
3. All kilometres on the roads
4. Strange people everywhere
5. And everyone we met

Co-released... Schizo, Rawby, Tadpole and a bu

Simon Helg with the banner, Defend Söderort

My soon to be wife

Filthy Dave and me in Marsielle

Billi and Me somewhere...

And Staffan met a friend from the past
Isa the cat

Arrgh... Penny and Isa
The best animal ever

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