Statement from Good Times Records

I am really sad to hear that the great label Good Times Records will shut their label down.
They have released some really good skate hardcoretrash bands, so take a look at their
Myspace or find them on Facebook if you wanna know more about their releases.

Link: http://www.myspace.com/xgoodtimesdistrox


So after thinking long and hard bout it i've decided to call it quits with good times records. Lack of interest from everyone including myself is the main reason. Its been going for 5 years, and i have released some rad bands and made life long friends all over the world because of it. I still have four releases coming out, shock futuro 7 inch, john hussey demo, un quarto morto final ep and i hate this discography so be sure to get htem as they will be limited copies. Bands that wanted to do releases with me i'm sorry, start your own label and give it crack! I still have releases and distro stock so i will be selling it next to nothing so if you have bought something off me in the past expect an email with the list. I'm also not booking shows anymore unless its for one of my bands, no such luck, PDM or in defence when they decide to tour. So yeah thanks for all the support, but its time to put my time and effort into something different. Xx

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