Review: Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary (CD)

Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary (CD)

Here's Burnt Cross again, and I guess you already know by now that they belongs to one of my favoritebands ever. Just like before is this CD co-released, this time by 10 labels, fucking impressive. This is a collection with the tracks from their previous seven inches. You will also get two covers (Mob violence by Apostles and They Kill Dogs by Existance) and demo tracks and one unreleased track. So this CD is for you who own all their 7" but don't own a gramophone (fucking collectors haha, throwing bricks in glass house). But this CD are also for you who haven't discover Burnt Cross yet. Uh ah, fuck it... this CD is for everyone who like anarchopunk in the veins of Conflict, Crass etc... I can just say that Burnt Cross is better than the old classic bands. Don't miss this band, get the CD now!

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