Fuck Off from Sweden

This is a band that I always will adore. With two members that have meant a lot
for me at almost 20 years. Stefan Sundström and Johan Johansson (former KSMB,
Strindbergs etc etc) I bought this cassette at my first gig I went to 1991 and I guess
that I've played this tape more than 1000 times, that's true. It's live and I know all
comments from the audience and every single little noise. Here's three tracks in
one file. It's 1. Het på gröten (you will probably hear what orginal song it is),
2. Skitit (another famous song from the beginning) and 3. Supa som Sid Vicious.
Members: Stefan Sundström, Johan Johansson, Guld-Lars, Papa Mats, anyone else?
Gimmie a comment if I have forget anyone... Cheers!

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