Review: Sir Reg - A sign of times

Sir Reg - A sign of the times (Spotify)


My friends are just getting more and more famous for every time I write about them. And that's sweet, I like Sir Reg, but... a big but, I can't I hail them as much as I want this time. A big reason
is probably that they are so fantastic musicians, the production is too good for my punk-ears. Sure, the songs are strong but I want it more dirty. I am not surprised that Paddyrock.com choosed this album as the best of the year, because it is really good "paddyrock" and not "celticpunk" even if the lyrics have interesting messages and not just "blah blah beer and whiskey". Another thing I like is the vocals, I have always been in love with Brens voice, I remember when we played Fishermans Blues in our band The Barcrawlers, but that belongs to the past. Come on bhoys and ghirls, get it more dirty for me before it's too late.

Listen to the tracks here, buy the CD if you like them.

Sir Reg – A Sign Of The Times

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