Review: Pretty Shitty Kjell DVD 2011

Pretty Shitty Kjell (DVD)
Stockholm 22-23/4 2011

Pretty Shitty Kjell arranged a 2 day-gig 2011 with 8 of the best bands in the Oi!/Street/Punkrock genre. And this DVD give you 26 songs extremely good sound quality and 3 different camera angles. I can really strong recommend this DVD for all fans of basic but fantastic punkrock. Here's a brief summary from every band who played, and I promise, the line-up is fantastic.

The first band out is The Clichés from Norrköping, Sweden. Their 3 tracks is really what skinhead rock n roll are about. I hadn't realized before now how good they really are. Tracks: Monkey see monkey do. Two-faced stupid cunts & Skinhead II.

The best situation on this DVD must be when Thomas Botos from Agent Bulldogg enter the stage and take his first tunes. This classic band has almost been totally fucked by rumours... BUT! it's the best Oi! band ever in my eyes. I think Botos is the only original member at the time of the gig, the rest of the band are members from Antipati, except the bass player which I don't know if he's an original member. Tracks: Staden Vaknar. Mitt liv, mitt val & Livsstil.

3.rd band out are Evil Conduct from Holland. A pretty nice band, but the lyrics is so filled with clichés, especially their first song Voice of Oi!. Their other tracks is: Home sweet home & Skinhead 'till I die

Micky Fitz and his The Business are nothing else than pure joy. Fuck, I wanna see the entire gig, but I can't do anything else than just put their 4 tracks on repeat. They get up on the stage and blow everything away with: Harry May. Real Enemy. Suburban Rebels. Drinking and driving. The people in the pit seems like they are in heaven. I will always love The Business and the singalong at Drinking and Driving are amazing. 

 Antipati belongs to the top of the league in the swedish punkrock scene. I wrote it in a review in an earlier issue of Schizo Fanzine that Antipati doesn't have that skinhead macho style, and I like them for that. It's rock n roll and punk in a great symbiosis. Tracks: Clockwork organge horror show. Punk på Berns. Grabbarna. The Punk på Berns lyrics must be the best modern punk lyrics.

Clockwork Crew
must be the swedish band that have most UK-sound in their music and vocals, it actually remains me of The Business. I like their energy and their straight-on fuck-you attitude. Two of the members are also playing in The Clichés. Tracks: Taking it back. United Skins. & Smack, Smack.

Next band out is Major Accident, and they make it well but I have never been a big fan of them, even if they are a good band. But I don't know, other bands have probably caught my ears more. Tracks: (Standing on the) Sidelines. Fight to win. Step by step.

And yeah, Angelic Upstarts belongs to one of those bands that I took straight to my heart with a big bang. And it's fun to see them on this DVD, 4 tracks and so much joy. Please someone, gimmie their full gig now. Just the sight of Mensi make me glad. Their 4 tracks: 2.000.000 voices. Safe Haven. You're nicked. Solidarity.

So, wasn't that a fucking fantastic line-up? The coverart, layout and everything on this DVD hold 100% high standard. A booklet with info/interviews with all the bands will be enclosed. And I can just say that this 85 minutes production is superb. 

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