Documentary: The day the country died

The Day the Country Died - A History of Anarcho Punk. 
(Roy Wallace / Ian Glasper / english / 2007 / 1:32:20 min)

Ian Glasper
This is one of  the best punk documentarys I’ve ever seen. It’s about the early anarcho punk scene in the UK. And it’s fun to see a british documentary that contains so much more than just the classic 77-bands. The many interviews with people from bands like Subhumans, Zounds, Rubella Ballet, Conflict and Crass are very informative. This is a documentary that portray the anarcho scene in generally and specific events in particularly, like the riots between punks and cops outside Brixton Academy when Conflict was going to play there.

It’s sad but true but many topics are still very current. And what people say about the punk in the early 80.s could be about today as well. This is a very interesting documentary, much because of the topics, it’s more than just all that crap about how sick Sid Vicious was as british punk documentarys use to be about. There is much more meaning in this documentary. The only thing I miss is that it could emerged what band they played when they play music. It is lot's of music and I guess you will find a couple of new bands.

This anarcho wave is far from the 77-wave when the punx just wanted to be rebels in the punk uniform and the bands just looking around for record deals insted of thinking  D.I.Y. This anarcho wave was about “freedom, peace and unity” and 100 % honest. 

Except all good interviews will you see a lot of rare live sequences. And the quality is perfect from the beginning to the end. This movie is fantastic and not a pointer that PC punx can use. It’s more a lot of sense and a big portion of truth. And it's also nice to see how people who were active in bands in the early 80.s have kept their ideals of what kind of society they wanna live in.

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