Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1

Okey, the work with Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 is almost done. And my intention is to have it available on Spotify in June/July. It will be 22 tracks and bands from 13 different countries. Beside Spotify will it also be possible to get copys from Schizo Distro and from all bands. I have made the coverart and will soon make the insert with info about the bands. I will also interview all bands. Will let you know when it's all up.

All info about this project will be found here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Here is the playlist
1. Irritation (Swe) - Ingen lysande framtid 2. Fokkum (Hol) - Backward rituals 3. Frenzy of tongs (US) - Trouble 4. Demöralyzér (Cz) - Je tu ten den 5. Aterpe (Thai)- Ez zan Hil 6. Razorblade smile (UK) 35 years (go to hell) 7. Återfall (Swe) - Day of the rope 8. Los Más Peores (Arg) - Superficial  9. Rännstensorkestern (Swe) - Gulag 2 10. Mindless violence (Macc) - One spirit 11. The Bristles (Swe) - Gulag 12. Sewer trench (UK) - Prisoners of religion 13. Zudas Krust (Indo) - Raw, chaos, ungovernable 14. Spotlicks (Swe) - Apati 15. 40 Oz folklore (US) - Soapbox 16. Ratbite (Ukr) - Dead minority 17. Hyrda knektar (Swe) - Diamant 18. M.O.R.A. (Fin) - Feikki 19. Born wrong (Can) - Burn a debt 20. Sub Alert (Swe) - [T.B.A] 21. Filthy Charity (Fra) - [T.B.A] 22. Saturdays Heroes (Swe) - Tear it down

Well, if you have any questions or if your band wanna contribute on Schizo Punk Vol.2, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com

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