Schizo Podcast

 Yes, Schizo Fanzine, Schizo Distro, Schizo Blog, and now Schizo Podcast. Yes that's true. I will record this podcast weekly, and it will be around 30-45 minutes. So if you want your band to be played, send your MP3's to schizodistro@gmail.com

Here is a couple of things I want from you

* MP3's (If you wanna send records or other stuff, ask for my address. I will always review everything I get on the blog and in the fanzine)
* If you're gonna send your music, don't forget to send some band info as well. 
* Info about tours and gigs
* Ads, you can record your own ads for the podcast
* Suggestions about topics

Podcast content

* Music (Punk, HC, Oi!, Crust, Ska, Irish)
* An old school chapter where I highlight old Swedish bands
* An irish chapter about bands who play all kind of irish folk music
* Thoughts, opinions, rants

I will always have a playlist for every show as well as contact info to all related stuff I talk about or play.

So come on now and help me to help you. Questions, suggestions, tips etc...


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