Review: The Rebel Spell - It's a beautiful future

The Rebel Spell - It's a beautiful future

This album was released 2010, but it also could have been released around 1995 on Fat Wreck Chords, because it's that kind of music. I thought I was done with this genre, well I still listen pretty much to a few of the classic bands, but haven't been interested in any new bands since around 1999. I have to say that even if they sound much like Face To Face, Strung Out, Good Riddance (the list can be long) is The Rebell Spell a band with own ideas and I really like the melancholic touch in the vocals. This is not "skatepunk", not at all, so don't be affraid of that if that's a term that scares you. This is their second album and the difference isn't too big, the tracks on the first album was more straight on while it's more melodies and better composed music on this album. This Canadian band will probably get much positive feedback from Germany where this kind of melodic US HC always is popular. 

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