Interview: Dissekerad

Dissekerad are a pretty new band from Stockholm, Sweden. They deliver classic D-beat and consist of members from Makabert Fynd among others. It is Mattis who answered my questions about their new tracks, gigs and much more. So sit back and enjoy...

Okey, here we go, please start to introduce the band, members, other bands etc

Well, I'ts me Mattis on guitar, Poffen- vocals, Andre- Bass and Pyri on the drums. We started up like 6 months ago when we celebrated my birthday. I've always wished to have a band with Pyri and I've played with Andre before when he used to be Makabert fynds bass player. Poffen still plays with me in makabert fynd. We made a demo and I was really saticfied with the outcome so we kept on playin. 1 year ago i ment..hehe To include, Pyri is my neighour

Pyri and Mattis

Aight, so what kind of music is it, is it another Dis-band with the Discharge logo, or why Dissikerad?

We play straight swedish d-beat hardcore. I can't say we sound a lot like Discharge. The idea of the name come more from what it means than a Dis-name. I came up with it when I wrote some lyrics a while ago. But ofcourse... I love Discharge!!!!

Okey, and you have recorded 11 tracks this weekend, what will you do with those tracks?

Its gonna be an LP on some label. We have offers but we have not yet decided which one we will use. Maby we'll do an european release and an american, as I said.. we havent decided yet. We are still mixin it and we'll see when its finnished. To add.. we also have wishes on some labels that we will send to..

Okey, sounds cool. Have you done any gigs, or will the gig 22 october be the first?

We did a gig on the Punks 44 gig this summer and we will play with D-Clone, Kylmä sota, mob 47, Desperat, Sex dwarf etc on october 20th. After that we dont have any gigs booked. We will probably get some after the LP is released

It's a great line-up for a gig. What do you expect for that gig?

Well, we are really honored ofcourse to play with all those great bands. I really think its gonna be a killer gig. Lots of punk rockers that will tear down the place..hehe Oh.. Kontatto is also playing

André handle the bass

Haha, we hope so, I wish I could come that evening, but it doesn't work. Yeah, Kontatto is really familiar with Sweden now, it's a good band and good people. By the way, which labels do you want to release your LP?

Hm, well there's a bunch of awesome labels. Skrammel is one ;0), D-beat & rawpunk, De:nihl, Prank, Feral ward... I can keep goin on for ages hehe

There is a lot of good swedish labels at the moment, that's cool. What do you think of the diy scene in Stockholm and Sweden?

I think its great! Its turning up great new labels and clubs/venues more often now. Stockholm can get better I think, if you compare to other countrys in europe we can still get better

Yeah, I guess you have been around pretty much with Makabert Fynd and have seen a lot of difference. What and where would be the perfect gig for Dissekerad?

I think the gig october 20th is gonna be perfect. I also think we would fit Punk Illegal and Svartmyra

Yeah, it seems like Punk Illegal will be back next year so we can just hope you'll play there. What do you think about Punk Illegal?

I've been there twice and I love that festival. Both of the times I went there I saw a bunch of awesome bands. I also think the park they use is really cozy and the atmosphere is super. Great festival!!

So well, if we try to end this, you have the gig and the lp for the future, but if you would dream, what would you want to happen more in the future then?

Well, to make great records,gigin and having fun!

Okey, any last words?

See you at kafe 44!

Dissekerad @ Facebook

Dissekerad - Undergången är nära

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