Against modern football

I support Hammarby (Sweden) and Celtic (Sco) as you probably know by now. But there is one thing we all need to unite against... Against modern football. There is too much business, money rule and supporters treats like criminals. I have been pepper sprayed some times and been beaten by the police a couple of times, and most of the times have I honestly been innocent. I have been ripped off so many times by expensive tickets, well the list can be long. And all I wanna do is to watch my team, party with my friends and I am NOT a Category C supporter. But still, the cops, association and media have their view that we are just a bunch of thugs. Here is a couple of links that I recommend you to watch, and "like" if you use Facebook.

Please, comment if you have any more links or if you have any opinions of this topic


Love the game, hate the business (Facebook)
Against modern football (Facebook)
Capitalism is destroying football (Facebook)

Försvara medlemsdemokratin - Bevara 51% regeln (Facebook. Swedish)

Antifa Football

Ultras against racism (Facebook)
Antifa Football teams (Facebook)
Antifa Ultras & Hools (Facebook)

Hammarby related
Ultra Boys (Web)
Bajen Fans (Web)
Bajenland (Facebook)

Celtic related

Green brigade Ultras  (Facebook)
Underground Celtic Supporters club (Facebook)

Ultras & Cat-C

www.ultras-tifo.net (Facebook)
Ultras Liverpool (Facebook)
Tifo O.Marseille (Facebook)
Ultras Inside (Facebook)
Ultras Livorno (Facebook. Italian)


Hail Hail Glasgow Celtic radio Facebook / Web

Charlie and the bhoys (Facebook)


And here is one of my own songs... Sjuttisju - Hat (From Skit i stan Gullmarsplan)
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Skit i stan - Gullmarsplan (iTunes)
Ett lag - En kärlek (iTunes)

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