Review: Dogmatist - Obedience

Dogmatist - Obedience
(Raw Birth Records - rawbirthrecords.blogspot.com)

Alright, do you like raw, distorted hardcore with a japaneese/finish sound? Well, then you're gonna get this record. And Dogmatist isn't from even Japan or Finland. It's a Danish band and sound quite like Kylma Sotaa, Disclose and a bit like Anti-Cimex and many more. It's a total distorted blast and the sound is still good. I like the vocals, they reminds of D-clone. Dogmatist was formed earlier this year (2012) and I hope they will exist for a long time. It's always fun with bands who is this good hailing from countries that is not so famous for the genre. Don't be surprised if there will be a Dogmatist interview in Schizo Fanzine in the future because these 8 tracks was totally brilliant.

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