Review: Songs for snakes - Charcoal Heather

Songs for snakes - Charcoal Heather

A whole bunch of bands come up in my mind when I listen to Songs for snakes. Not bands I ordinary use to listen to, but still, bands I don't mind listen to. Like Descendents, Fugazi and Hüsker Dü. American indie/punk with a lot of melancholic melodies. I am not sure I would play this album at a party, but alone while driving a car with some deep thoughts about life would be perfect. The minor key chords dominate and the vocals fits perfect to the music. I can just congratulate Songs for snakes to a great job, this album is really nice. Sidewalk Rider and Half Life must be the strongest tracks among many strong tracks. Another good thing with Songs for snakes is that they are a DIY band, that will always be a good thing in my book. 

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