Schizo interviews

Here's just a few of all interviews I've made. Read all interviews in the fanzine where you will find even more (and longer) interviews which you can read or download for free... just push the read/download button. I must say it's a really good mix of band and genres, I am really satisfied, it's all good bands and people. This list of bands will just grow for every year, I love this.Enjoy!

Dissekerad (Swe)
Meinhof from (UK)
Moral Dilemma (UK)
Gelo (It)
Toxik Ephex (UK)
Really Fast Records (Swe)
Partiya (Belarus)
Ungovernable Resistance DIY (UK)
Subculture (UK)
The Bristles (Swe)
Extensity (Spain)
Sörling/Turist i tillvaron (Swe)
Asta Kask (Swe)
Power is poison 1 I Power is poison 2 (NL)
Glidslem (Swe)
Sir Reg (Swe)
Makabert Fynd (Swe)
Spotlicks (Swe)

Kansalaistottelemattomuus (Fin)
                                              Here is some fanzines I made in the 90's

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