News: The Bristles

"The Bristles new album Bigger than Punk will be out November 2 2012. The album title’s follows the Dead Prez’, but concerning punk; the music is only a soundtrack to the revolutionary struggle.

The album co
ntains 11 tracks like “A Womans Work is Never Done” that deals with male chauvinism, “Holidays in Thailand” about western sex- and drugs tourism, and “the American Dream”, one of the biggest lies ever. The album also contains a dub song, Spirit Way, about drug abuse. An abuse the members of the band have put behind them.

The release is a cooperation between Switchlight Records, Turist i Tillvaron, Noise of Sweden and Heptown Records, and will be out both on cd and vinyl.

The album is produced by Tommy Tift (Sista Sekunden & Vånna Inget)."

The Bristles @ Facebook

Trailer for the new album

Checkpoint Sweden, from their last album "Reflections of the Bourgeois Society"

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