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Here's an interview with Meinhof from UK. It's Jarek who answered my questions about the band, the scene, Sweden and much more. A big thanx to him and to the band who I consider as one of the best existing bands in this genre right now. 

Ok, let's go. Please, start to introduce the band members. Do you play in other bands as well? And what else do you do except playing punk?

I play the guitar, and mostly do the songs... Rosy sings and plays the bass, Frank is our drummer. I also play in Unfixed, but it is like playing in the same band, haha... Well, it is hard to say what else I do except playing punk, as I am a normal, regular person doing loads of stuff every day... Even if mostly it is connected with punk, then still I wouldn't know where to start...

Ok, well we don't need the long story now so let's continue. You have done at least two gigs in Sweden, at Punk Illegal, what do you remember from those gigs, and the festival?

The fest is very impressive and well organized... I think this organizing must be a Swedish thing, haha... I remeber great shows, cool punx from allover the world and nice atmosphere! I noticed, that the last time we played, in 2011, there was not really good turn up... And the event did not happen this year... Must be some problems with the fest, I guess.

Yeah, the most things with Punk Illegal is really impressive. The festival will probably be back in 2013. And while we are into the DIY thing, what do you think of the DIY scene of today? You have toured many countries so you must have seen pretty much?

The DIY punk scene is pretty the same all over the Europe, however it seems, that it is better organized in some countries... I don't wanna point them, as usually we meet very cool people who try their best with the opportunities they have at their hands, so I wouldn't make feel someone "worst" because of his origin... In general, the scene is still strong, but unfortunatelly there are less and less people involved in it, year by year... Maybe that's not the best to compare to 90's... but yes, 90"s were massive compering to contemporary scene.

And if we continue with Meinhof in particular, how would you describe your music and your lyrics for those who will see/hear you for the first time?

Definitelly we play d-beat, as I consider "d-beat" as the way to play the drums, not a style... We are trying to make it a crusty way, but with a healthy dose of melody... Our lyrics usually express our "polical" views, and there is loads of sadness and depressive stuff on them, but on the other hand, we are trying to spread some optimistic stuff as well, as I personally think, that punk is the only solution and answer. At least, it is working for me!

That 's true, so I guess your opinion for fashion punks and poser punks etc is not the best?

Well, there is an importance for punk to be "colorful", if you know what I mean? This way, punk was never fully commercialized or fashioned by music business. In short, there is a space for so called "fashion" punx, however I don't feel qualified to judge other people by the music they listen or clothes they wear... I think attitudes and beliefs are much more important, so it is more complex thing...

Last year when I was on the Spotlicks/Buiten Gebruik tour did I met older punks who didn't know what a "distro" was for an example. Well, we might not be able to judge people but I thought it was strange. Ok, so which bands will you get your influences from?

I think, that some punks are not well aware of DIY punk scene existence, so maybe it is better not to judge them, but to try, but to try to introduce it to them... Some of them will get it quickly, I bet. Some of them will be assholes anyways, haha... OK, what influeces? Swedish hardcore, of course!!! Hahaha...

Yeah, one of them actually bought a record from me, so I might have learned him haha. It's really strange for me, if I look at swedes in general to understand how we can be one of the countries who influence bands from all over the world with aggressive music. We are not aggressive people. I guess it must be the free music school the kids learn to handle their instruments. Please, write a few lines of each album you've released

I did an interview with Victims drummer some years ago, to my own punk zine... And that's what he said; Swedish kids are better provided and looked after by government to be good musicians... First album, "The Rush Hour Of Human Misery" is a traditional crust-punk with untraditional "drummer"... "Under The Burning Sky Of Future Events" is our expression of love to some talented Swedish kids, especially Avskum, haha... And the drummer is already traditional! "8 Drops Of Blood" is our best achievement, in my personal opinion. And the last record, "Mother" could be a side B for "8 Drops Of Blood", haha...

Ok, as we'll keep this interview pretty short will I ask you if you have any last comments and what is your future plans?

Thanx for interview. My future plan is to play with my 5 yeras old son, Erik.

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Meinhow website

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