Interview: Buiten Gebruik

Yay, here is an interview with Buiten Gebruik from Holland. This is just a part of the entire interview that you can read in Schizo Fanzine #7. It's my friend Billie who answered my questions. In the fanzine is there also a couple of questions to Billies daughter Darcy.

So, how is it to play with the other lads in Buiten Gebruik. You told me about a new member in the band, who is that guy? You have good experience from other bands, what is the biggest difference between Buiten and your last band Sangre? What have you guys played in before?

it's just big fun with these kids to rock. With Cleverson I have had bands since 2000 and Peter was allready in the last line up from sangre. Only Leon is for us (musical) a new Jack but as a person he is also one we just know as a good friend... The new bandmember you talk about was when we asked Big John from the Exploited to play second guitar. he promised a few times to come a round but he never did. never trust a Hippy! Extra line...John is a cool guy....

The difference between Buiten Gebruik is the line up (new drums, one guitarinstead of 2 and one vocal instead of 2) and the language of the lyrics. With Sangre we sang in English because of the 2 nationalities of the vocalists (Polish and Dutch) but now I'm on my own i wrote all the lyrics in Dutch. And the name is Dutch too....BTW it means Out of Order! The music remains to be some sort of Dbeat!!

What do you prefer to write about? Is there still topics left for you to write about?

Good one, .the topics are indeed so hard to find. I should just sing about war as a Dbeatsinger but I did so far only 2, just because....uhm...uhm....Discharge does it too. Other lyrics deal about the problem that is from all times, that it's so hard to fit in society, that some friends are stupid, religion is a thankfull subject and let's not forget, the upcoming populism in Holland! Not even upcoming....just populism

Just another question about the tour we did earlier this year. Which place did you like most? Was the tour as you had expected from the beginning?

Fuck, which place I like most, I liked it all very much. Amsterdam I was expecting shit but quite some people showed up. Heerlen was typical last minute booked, in St Etienne we were lucky to play on the afterparty of a few days festival and Marseille was so hard to have any audience on a monday but so nice just to hang out there, a fucking weird city, and Liege was as always so fucking nice and drunk. That's why I couldn't hardly breath or talk in Louvain. Fuck the missing audience... it's just so good to see that there are people worldwide standing by to help us out with our stupid bands and give us food and shelter, sharing it all...man we are the happy few

What have you guys played in before?

Let's say, Buiten Gebruik contains members of Sangre, Fleas and Lice, Olho de Gato, Betercore, Boycot, Skint and probably some more...  Matka Teresa, Extreme Noise Error.

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