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Due to my current mental health situation will the podcast be postponed to next weekend. I hope it will be better soon. But the fucked up bureaucracy with rules of how long you are aloud to be sick listed have put me in a tough situation.

My new doctor (the third in just 1,5 years) has decided that I am much better now, after just 2 meetings, and without to tell me her thoughts did she tell the Social Insurance Office lot's of things so the whole situation became so different from what we had get along.

So I have been suffer of much more apathy and anxiety now, the cause why I got my sick list period extended was just that I was gonna avoid this problem. But this doctor had second thoughts. I don't know what is gonna happen now... But I am glad that I have my wife who supports me more than 100% 

Well, I have updated the [interview section] where you will find links to all interviews I have published on this blog. Some of the interviews are just parts of longer interviews which you will find if you go to the [Read / Download Schizo Fanzine section]

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