Interview: P.P.P Records

P.P.P is a new label from Sweden. Their first release was Spotlicks - Spott, bett & tårar 10". I will review that record soon in the future. I wanted to know more about P.P.P so I sent a few questions, and Pontus sent the answers pretty fast. 

1. Hey Pontus and Paul, the name of your label is P.P.P., I guess that two of the P's comes from your names, but what about the third P? How did you come up with the idea for a label?

Hey Micke! That is correct it is our names, the third P can stand for whatever you want haha. No it stands for Pålle, Pontus, Punk, we didnt have any good ideas for the labelname so we had to settle with that. We have had the idea for a label for some time and often when we drank a few beers we talked about it. So one day we decided to really do it, both of us are recordcollectors so we thought it would be fun to see how it is to actually release a vinyl by ourselfs.

2. Your first release was the Spotlicks 10" Spott, bett & tårar. How many copys did you press? And what do you think about Spotlicks?

We ofcourse like Spotlicks and what they do, otherwise we wouldnt release anything with them. The 10" is pressed in 500 copies.

3. What will your upcomming releases be? Any special bands you dream about to release?

There are some discusions about the next release but nothing is carved in stone so I cant say anything more at the moment. It would be really cool to release something with some favourite band, like Bäddat För Trubbel or Discharge haha

4. I know that Spotlicks are your friends, is it bands like them you will focus on or would you encourage bands to send their demos?

At the moment there is really not any need to send demos but maybe in the future. The next band that we release anything with (if everything goes as planed) are also friends to us, everything goes much smoother when we know tha people in the bands. It is ofcourse fun to help some friends band if we like what they do.

5. Are you just gonna release vinyl, or will it be any CDs in the future?

We will stick to vinyl, both me and Pålle are vinyljunkies and dont really care about cds.

6. Please, introduce yourselfs, have you been in any bands, made any fanzines etc? And please, list your top-3 gigs and records (from your collection)

My name is Pontus, I have played in a few punkbands but nothing really serious, we had fun though! Me and a frined wrote a fanzine called "Tristess Zine" a few years back, we released four numbers and had a great time doing it. Pålle have played in a few bands but its long ago, he played drums in HCHC a hardcore band from Stockholm.

Top 3 gigs and records are always hard but something like this:

Electric Wizard at Nalen, Stockholm a week ago. Probably the best gig I have ever been to.
The first time I saw Asta Kask when they started playing again. They played in Kafe 44, Stockholm and it was total chaos, so good! I think it was 2004 or something like that.
Ättestupa in Stockholm 2009 or something like that, great band and a great atmosphere!

Records, much easier:
Shitlickers - Cracked Cop Skulls 7", the best hc release ever.
Darkthrone - Panzerfaust LP, one album I always return to
Black Sabbath - We sold our soul for rock n roll - double LP, this is what started it all for me, early Black Sabbath is probably the best band in the universe.

And ofcourse Spott, Bett & Tårar! haha

7. Okey, let's finish this... anything you wanna add about P.P.P. Otherwise feel free to write what you want

Thanks for the interview! Good luck with your fanzine/blogg. If anyone want to order the 10" from us drop us a line att ppprecords@hotmail.com or at facebook.com/ppprecords

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