Download: Von Bööm - Demotape

If someone from the band want me to remove this, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com (Wanna buy this tape? Send an email with a cost proposal)

Von bööm started in 84 and and recorded a demo, some of the songs are released on the LP compilation " Really Fast" # 3. The band played for a while but they decided to quit. In 88 the band started again with a couple of other guys. One demo was recorded. The band broke up again. In 95 the band started once again, and once again with other members. 2004 was the year for the latest re-union. Back with vengeance, old punks never die
I borrowed this info from: http://www.swedishpunk.com

This demo was recorded 1995, three new tracks and one old (Köpt kärlek) I guess that this demo is pretty rare. So download it now if you wanna hear one of all classic swedish bands original from the 80.s

Von Bööm on Youtube (this song is not on the demo)

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