Download: Pass Out, punk from Stockholm

Pass Out was formed sometimes back in 1994 and existed for about 5 years. Some of our highlights was the gig in Göteborg which was a blast. We did also a gig at Smash the discos who was arranged by Farliga Firman in Stockholm. I noticed that some people liked the youtube clip I have made. So I took our 2.nd and 3.rd recordings and zipped them into a rar.file which you can download for free.

Pass Out was a 6-piece band and we all had different influences I guess it's possible to hear that we're no copycats. I made most of the music and some lyrics and I was most influenced by punk and Oi! And that's probably our main sound. The saxophone made much for the sound too. // Micke (Schizo)

Please send your comments or if you want more info to: schizodistro@gmail.com

Here is 3 tracks, the first is from our second recording and the other two is from our third recording.

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