Review: M:40 - Diagnos (CD)

M:40 - Diagnos (CD)

Shit pommes frites. I love Swedish M:40 and when they kickstart with the title track Diagnos is it not hard to understand why. They are extreme, they are so fucking raw, and this is the best they have done so far. It smells Skitsystem and it almost smell Massgrav. The song titles isn't something you will laugh at... "Väck mig vid slutet", "Vid rännstenens skam" and "Vi bär på smittan", find an english-swedish dictionary an check those titles up. The lyrics isn't easy to hear so it sucks that they are almost even harder to read, fucking punk lay out. That's the only disturbing issue with this CD. My favorite tracks is the ultra raw "Diagnos", the desperate "Väck mig vid slutet" and the dark hardcorecrust song "Avfall".

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