Cult of dom keller from England

We are Cult of Dom Keller from England, UK and hope you don't mind us reaching out to
spread the gospel. We have released 3 EPs, a single and have finished our debut album out this October which will be out on Reverberation Records ( USA )

We have played with the likes of The Black Angels, Roky Erikson, Spectrum, The Warlocks, Wall of death, Blue Angel Lounge, BJM and we played the 2011 Austin Psych fest in the USA with the Black Angels and Roky Erikson.

We will be touring Europe this October and will be returning to the USA in April 2013.

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Formed in 2008, Cult of Dom Keller are four psychedelic generals from England Uk who's kaleidoscopic sonic tapestries weave a mind expanding blend of experimentation, lysergic freak outs and space blues bastardisations that pull the listener into their dark psychedelic world.

"Dom Keller sound like they've fallen from the back of Ken Kesey's legendary LSD loaded magic bus, down 'n' dirty slabs of fried freak beat are sumptuously decoded within a swamp infested heavy beatnik chassis, part acid laced shade wearing psyche and part heavy stoner goo, a wasted baby laced with hazy 60's sourced keys and looping gridlocked riffs of mind expanding proportions; a blissed out frenzied fuzz laced tripping haze and bone rattling f**k you,a bludgeoned blues bastardisation spewed out by a tranced out Brian Jonestown Massacre amid an impenetrably squalling sonic wall feedback fisticuffs with a volatile 13th Floor Elevators"


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