Schizo 10 Compilation

I will celebrate Schizo Fanzine #10 with a compilation. It will be bands who've been interviewed in Schizo Fanzine 1-10. And it will be a fantastic compilation with a good mix of genres.It will be a total of 20 bands/tracks. Follow the work here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Here is the first 8 announced bands: Black Tartan Clan, Glidslem, Dead Subverts, Spotlicks, Stage Bottles, Partiya, Toxik Ephex, Gary OG. 12 more bands will be apply within the next 2 weeks.

This record will be released as a DIY CD'r version and a digital version as well. This record will go out to everyone who order Schizo Fanzine #10. Isn't that a good bonus? =)

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