Review: Irish Moutarde

Irish Moutarde - Raise 'em all (CD)

The Paddypunk scene just grows and grows, and I can understand when people say that if you've heard one band in this genre you've heard them all. However, I am very picky when it comes to this genre and my passion for Irish music is big. Many of the bands are actually very boring, and many are the fantastic Irish songs who've been totally destroyed. The prominent Paddyrock.com listed this album at the 19th place of the best Paddypunk album 2013. So our thoughts about Irish Moutard differs big time. I would place them at Top-5. Irish Moutarde comes from Canada, and it's the first Canadian band in this genre I've heard. The 6 members play their instruments very good, I don't use to like when punk is too well played, but this band really know how to play their instruments. All in all is it around 20 different instruments. And well, it's not pure punk, they also mix some different kind of hardrock most thru the guitar harmonies and the drum beats. They also mix male/female vocals. I think that Irish Moutarde are almost complete. 12 tracks which never get boring. Favorite tracks: The Black Mill, The Cabin and The Bear and the Maiden fair. If you are in to Celtic rock, give Irish Moutarde a try.

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