Review: The Ødeleggers

The Ødeleggers - Kjemisk Avfall (7")
(Lukket Avdelning)

The Ødeleggers from Norway sounds like they hate everything in this society. The Norwegian language are pretty famous to sound like they're always happy. So it's fun with The Ødeleggers, because they redesign to language, all of a sudden is Norwegian more like Danish...angry and brutal. I like this release, because it's pure punk, sure it's a bit angry, but still just punk. I wish that more bands in this "pure punk-genre" could release 7"s, most of the bands nowadays are bands playing crust or hardcore, nothing wrong with that, but The Ødeleggers stand out in this case, they almost send me back to the 90's. 6 songs in 10 minutes and my favorites are: "Kjemisk Avfall" and "Bara en till". If I should find something to complain about would it be the vocals, it gets a little samey all the time.

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