Review: Lexington Field

Lexington Field - No man's war (CD)

This american band already have their fans in USA. But they will probably get some new fans now when Heptown Records release their album "No man's war" in Europe. But will I be one of their new fans? Well, I like folk music and punk, but I don't always like folk punk. There is a big part of this band who irritate me and that is the vocals. I don't like this american accent in folk punk and that makes it hard for me to listen to this album and thats very pity because they have some other things that is really good. The melancholic sound for an example, and the fiddle is another good thing and the main thing for this Lexington Field. I wish that the banjo could be more prominent. Lexington Field have all the raw material to make it good, but I don't think they take advantage of that. They say that they mix rock, punk, country, bluegrass, americana and folk music. But in my ears is it just a bit boring punk with a fiddle, with vocals that more sounds like Blink 182. So, the answer is... no I am not a new fan of Lexington Field.

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