Review: Sörlings Svinstia (2xLP)

V/A Sörlings Svinstia (2xLP)

Is it even possible for a new released album to be on of the most important album for Swedish punk through the years? Yes it is! This double LP is like a documentation of the Swedish punk in the 90's. Mikael Sörling wrote demo reviews in his column "Sörlings Svinstia" in the big rock magazine Close-up. The 44 tracks on this compilation belongs to the best from his reviews. I will not review each and every band, but I will write about a bunch of them. 

The opening band is Svintask with their song "Rage against new age", a song that sounds like the lovely Blitz song "Razors in the night", and that's a good reason to like Svintask. One of the best track all over this compilation must be Nervös Reaktion and their song "Discotönt", it's some kind of KBD-punk, it sounds so much like the first wave of punk. Victims is one the best bands in the hardcore genre and I like that their song "This fear" are so distinct.

Pass Out
is my old band, and I feel honored to be on this fantastic compilation.  Wildcat Strike are probably the only real  streetpunk band, and I love their "Save the whiskey for the boot boys". Chaotic Disorder kängpunk are a bit mixed up with grind/one beat, and the song "Krossa staten" is short and soaked of the lovely 90's. Yes, it's fun that Heffa Klump participate on this compilation, if you didn't know is Heffa Klump the band we call Randy today. It's cool to hear them with Swedish lyrics. Total Assbreakers also have that classic 90's kängsound (not so strange since all the bands hails from the 90's) and I really like their song "Snutas".

Well, there is one more streetpunk band than Wildcat Strike, and that is The Mockingbirds, and "No one is innocent" is a good song to have in the background while you're drinking beer. Kontrovers is probably the best hardcore/crust band, really heavy and brutal. Moralens Väktare would probably give their left hand if they could be Räserbajs for one day but they are far from that class, but this is a typical song for the Swedish 90's punk, a genre we call Trallpunk. Absolute Bastards is the last band that make impression on me, really good crust/grind. GOOD WORK Sörling!

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