Review: Agent Bulldogg

Agent Bulldogg - Vi är tillbaks... (7")

One of the best Swedish punkband are back. This 7" was released in spring 2013. And I must say that some songs of this 4 tracks EP belongs to their best ever. Just listen to the structure in the vers before the chrous in "Vi är tillbaks..." it's amazing, and then comes the chrous and blow your brain out. The Perssons Pack cover "Det liv jag älskar" really fits to Agent Bulldogg and everything Oi! stands for. This is a DIY-release and that will always give some extra bonus points in my book. There is one thing that bother me, but it might be some wrong with my record player, it sounds like it spins too fast which disturbs the sound, in particular the vocals. But I hope it's just my player who spin too fast. My favorite track on this 7" is "Den jag är", which is an amazing punk/Oi! song, it's only Agent Bulddogg who manage to do this.

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