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Gråsuggorna - Skyll inte på oss (CD)

This is my first proper acquaintance with Gråsuggorna from Rättvik. There is 9 tracks on this CD and it's all covers. A record filled with covers isn't always too fun. But that depends on which bands they want to cover. And to start with Abrasivev Wheels makes me interested. Exploited has never been a favorite band for me, so it's fun that Gråsuggorna make their song Class War, and in my ears is it better than the original, and I feel the same with Iggy and the classic song I wanna be your dog. Gråsuggorna make it better than the original. When it comes to GBH is it hard to match them. And both "Sick boy" and "Slit your own throat" are fantastic songs. Motorhead have some really good punksongs, like R.A.M.O.N.E.S, I think Gråsuggorna make it good, but Lemmys' voice are one of a kind. The last cover is by the Swedish band Perverts, and I guess you understand which song they do... yes that's right, Ronka. A classic song, but it's the cover they do worst. All in all is this a fun and interesting cover album.

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