Info: Schizo Fanzine 10

The work with Schizo Fanzine 10 runs at full speed. My plan is to get it finished before the beginning of March. 3 of the 6 interviews are completed and it will be a good mix of bands. I will keep the bands secret for a while. But it will be bands from 4 different countries, some classic and some new. All reviews is the part that take most of the time right now. I have pretty much to review but I can't complain. It's always fun to discover new bands from all over the world.

There will also be a report of the Swedish punk scene thru the years (not the big report I am working with beside the fanzine). My Celtic tribute chapter "Hail Hail - What the hell do we care" will be back in #10. But I don't know right now what I will write about this time. Asides from the 6 interviews will it also be a couple of small interviews/info about some of the bands that participate on the compilation Schizo Punk Compilation, an album you'll find at Spotify.

I have changed the logotype for this issue and will probably use this version for a while now. If you have any suggestions, tips or criticism about Schizo Fanzine, please get in touch: schizodistro@gmail.com . If you have a distro or wanna buy more than 6 copys of each issue, please ask for wholesale.

Available as paper versions:

Schizo Fanzine #2
, 36 pages [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ]
(East europe theme)

Interviews: Inepsy, Saturdays heros, Filthy Charity, Pints & Punx,
Drunk Nach Osten, Campus Sterminii/Giuda, Black tartan clan

Schizo Fanzine #6, 52 pages [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ]
(Punk Illegal 2010 theme)
Al-Thawra, Zudas Krust, Kansalaistottelemattomuus,
Spotlicks, Jason Vomit, Power is poison, Cow Mag

Schizo Fanzine #8. 56 Pages. [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ] 
Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium / Ungovernable Resistance,
Pariya, Really Fast Rec. Subculture, Sub Alert

Schizo Fanzine #9. 48 Pages. [ 10kr / €1 / £1 / 1.5$ ] 
The Bristles, Moral Dilemma, Slaktrens, M.O.R.A, Återfall,
Meinhof, PPP Records, Gary OG, AFA Ireland

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