Summer 2012: Kranium

Next band out is Kranium. If your band wanna contribute here, answer the 5 questions and send them to schizodistro@gmail.com

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.

Kranium started in 1997 cause there were no good bands arround ,just chugga-chugga. Current line-up is, dahlberg-git&vox, hacken-bass and nilse-drums.  By listen to us its quite obvious what we listen to.

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?

It seems that our split 12" with dispose finally gonna be out, so try to push it as much as possible. Probably play some gig in august.

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?Still got some "rakt in i döden" 7" left for order, and the new 12" coming in, everythung else is sold out. check www.kranium.st

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd
Hank III, Kaaos, Amebix, Tornion-laakso Leena, Lebenden Toten, Bachman turner overdrive, Nerveskade, Bombs Away. Always try to mix rawpunk and bonnrock for perfect tape

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!
Great summer to you too!

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