My 30 favorite punk bands. Part 2 of 2

Have you ever tried to write down your favorite bands? And even more difficult is it to place them in a particular rank order. I have done it through various scoring systems. From the beginning was more than 50 bands nominated, then I cut them down to just 30. They got points according to these criterion: A) Their meaning for me. B) How pogo compatible they are. C) Music & Vocals. D) Lyrics. E) Other good qualities. F) Bad qualities -which renders minus points. Well, this is what I came up to, here is 19-1. (And here is 30-20)

#19 - Blood or whiskey
One of the first band in the paddypunk genre. Their first album is almost like a modern classic. Haven’t listen much to their other albums but still a good band

#18 - Vanilla Muffins
Well, it’s suger Oi! but the name still sucks. They have some good football songs and so many fantastic melodies. I really need to listen more to this excellent band

#17 - Sir Reg
My friends in Sir Reg have been voted to the best paddypunkband for two years in a row by Paddypunk.com, good work. The only thing I can complain about is that they are so fucking well produced.

#16 - M:40
M:40 just become better and better. Their last release Diagnos is their rawest so far. They have just released good stuff. So fucking brutal

#15 - Rövsvett
I remember when I bought the Fatal farts at the legendary record store Far Out in Stockholm. It was my first rawpunk record. I still love this band.

#14 - Gorilla Biscuits
It won’t be a lie to say that G.B are icons of this kind of hardcore. Their album Start today is one of the best albums ever.

# 13 - Menace
When it comes to pure 77-punk is there noone that can beat Menace. I have loved them since I first heard them on some old 77-compilation.

# 12 - Angelic Upstarts
It seems like A.U just been better and better for every year. And I’m very pleased that Mensi continues the struggle against fascism.

# 11 - Bad Religion
Are they sellouts, it’s up to you. I prefer to listen to their music insted of think too much of other shit. They have done so many good songs but I think I prefer the 80-82 album

# 10 - NOFX
NOFX have been around since 1983, I guess there’s a lot of people who won’t consider them as a punk band. But I do, and they put some humour in serious topics

# 9 - Burnt Cross
Burnt Cross opened up my eyes for the anarcho punk scene. And it’s the best band ever. It would be interesting to see what they can do with real drums.

# 8 - Mob 47
This is what Sweden is famous for. Mob 47 is the masters of D-beat and have influenced so many bands worldwide, like my old band Diskent.

# 7 - Blanks 77
This is what pogopunk is for me. Blanks have been one of my favoritebands since mid.90’s. I just hope they will release a new album soon.

# 6 - Moderat Likvidation
I don’t know what I think of their reunion but it was fun to see them live even if it’s not the original members. There has never been or will never be a dirtier, rawer band than Moderat Likvidation

# 5 - Cockney Rejects
These hooligans from London’s East end brought in the Oi! into the punk scene.  It’s not possible to count their hits even if you had 10 fingers on each hand. Cockney Rejects is still around and mix and match when it comes to live gigs 

# 4 - Toy Dolls
Toy Dolls treats their instruments like Gods and they are just as good on records as they are live. And you can always count that their live shows will be spectacular. Humour and punk in a fantastic symbiosis 

# 3 - Ebba Grön
Ebba Grön was the first punk band I heard. I remember it so well. They are probably the most important band for Swedish punk. 77-punkrock at it’s best.  It’s just too bad that they are on different “Best of summer” records that you can buy at the gas station, it’s not their fault, but still... let them be a punk band and not anything ordinary people play at their bbq partys.  

# 2 - Strebers
Strebers will always have a part in my heart. They have done so much, from angry hardcore songs to punk with swedish folkmusic tunes. They didn’t record a single bad song before they became Dia Psalma. That’s mighty. 

# 1 - Asta Kask
One of the biggest reason why Asta Kask is my no.1 band is because of their live shows. And their routine has just made them even better in all aspects. Their last album was good, but their old stuff is magic. There will never ever be a band like Asta Kask. I just love them.

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