Summer 2012: Gelo from Italy

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.

Gelo is a crust hardcore band from Treviso, small city in the north east of SHITALY (Italy is completely fucked up country) however the band is formed about 4 years ago by Cialcia (voice) Marvin (drums) Julian (bass) Ale and Mirko (guitars). During these year we support a lot of bands like Oi polloi, Riistetyt, Sotatila, Sakatat, Dead, LDOH, Infekcia, Pavilionul 32, Meinhof, AK47, Nulla Osta, Aktivna Propaganda, Distaste, Jonestown, Czosnek, K.A.I.N., Icon of evil, Campus stermini .... and we played in several festival and benefit show all over Europe We realised a CD-r and an LP split that you can download from our website: www.gelohc.com

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?

We are booking a tour in Europe with HOMO HOMINI LUPUS from Croatia in September this is our schedule:

Friday 14 - Milano I @ Torchiera squat
Saturday 15 - Biel CH @ Schrottbar
Sunday 16 - Stuttgart/Frankfurt D - NEED HELL(P)
Monday 17 -  Gießen D
Tuesday 18 - Berlin D TBC
Wednesday 19 - Copenhagen DK TBC
Thursday 20 - Göteborg SWE
Friday 21 - Oslo N TBC
Saturday 22 – Jönköping SWE
Sunday 23 - Stockholm/ Uppsala SWE - NEED HELL(P)
Monday 24 -  Linkoping/ Orebro/ Norrköping SWE - NEED HELL(P)
Tuesday 25 -  Aalborg  DK @  1000FRYD
Wednesday 26 - Hamburg D
Thursday 27 - Poznan/Wroclaw PL - NEED HELL(P)
Friday 28 - Brno/Prag/Ostrava CZ - - NEED HELL(P)
Saturday 29 - Graz A @ sub

I use this space as an ad.. hehehe (No problems // Schizo) if someone can help us... just write me at the.arrogante@gmail.com :P

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?

On sale we have the LP split with Baka Yaro and a t-shirt with our logo.. if you interest move your ass and come to our gigs!!! I'm joking of course... just write a mail and we find an agreement

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd

For sure a compilation of the best rock and roll songs of 50's and to the other side: Nasum, Entombed, Wolfbrigade, Doom, Napalm Death, Poison Idea, Hiatus, Disrupt, Brutal truth and Insect warfare... but these bands can be for all the seasons

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!

We are very happy to come in Sweden, and hope to see/meet some readers of Schizo Fanzine
ciao ciao. Have a nice summer!!!

You can hear some sounds here:
- Gelo - www.gelohc.com
- Homo Homini Lupus - http://www.myspace.com/hhlpula

Here you can download Gelo stuff:

Thanx a lot for your answers and I hope your tour will be a success! Have a safe trip! /Schizo

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