Review: We are back Vol. 3-4

Here's Vol. 3 and 4 from the We are back compilation released by Ungovernable Resistance.

Vol. 3

Total Agression, sounds very much like Disfear and all other good crust bands with the same style. Bring to ruin, another good crust band but much darker than Total Agression for an example. Triangle Fire and Power is poison are pretty similar with a mix of good punk and hardcore. The Bristles from Sweden is good as always with their hard punkrock. Oiz II Men just gets better and better for everytime. Devastation is another hardhitting punkrock band. Damn, this volume is the best so far. Almost every of the 20 bands/tracks is good.

DL-LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?aed8pc5m8orez7z

Vol. 4

If volume 3 was best so far... it's not easy to beat the line-up on this volume which start with Burnt Cross, Power is poison and Abhorrent System. And oh, my old band Pass Out is on this volume as well. I think we, Illegal Action and Devastation is the most punkrockiest bands on this volume. There is a bunch of harder bands too, like grindbeating Gerk, Noituus and Spreading Evictions.

DL-LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8q38i00vjq65672

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