Review: Stiffy Jones (CD)

Stiffy Jones - S/t (CD)
(Odd Note Records)

Stiffy Jones and Twopointeight have some connections. It was Fredrik Björck from 2.8 who produced and mixed this album. And the music is not far from 2.8. It's punkrock with a swedish/american touch. Like a development of (modern) Rancid. Like a taste of ink, fags and strong coffee. Stiffy Jones isn't bad but I think they miss that fine point that you can hear in 2.8. Well, I can't complain to much on Stiffy Jones, it's more the genre and that there is too many similar bands that bore me. I will make it easy and compare Stiffy Jones with bands like Hellacopters and Social Distortion, a mix between garage and punkrock. I know there's lot's of people out there who like this genre, this is OK, no more no less.

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