Review: We are back Vol 1-2

Ungovernable Resistance DIY have released 12 volumesof the We are back compilation. 12 fucking volumes, that's amazing. Download them from http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/ 

I will not review every band, I write about my favorites from each volume. Here is the first 2.

We are back 1.
Brutal Regime
reminds a bit of MDC and the vocals almost sounds like Motorhead-Lemmy. Defcon Zero it's all about great furious hardcorepunk. Nazis shouldn't drive, the music sounds like old Bad Religion. Flowers of flesh and blood play old school hardcore punk, they are good but I don't really like the vocals. Short Bus Window Lickers, angry punkrock between Discharge and GBH. Noise Complaint, old school us-hc. Piss On Authority, a mix between classic swedish crust and hardcore

We are back 2. 
T.D.R.S is classic anarchopunk from the UK, not bad at all. Social Schism have an old school punk hardcore sound, I like them a lot. Sickpig, angry political punk from the UK male/female vocals. Sufferinfuck, noisy grindcrust. Weelchair x 4, raw, fast and brutal hardcore, fucking excellent. Wind of genocide, this is really good and dark crust. Shithouse play really angry hardcore/crust.

DL-link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j8alicjw7ygbg49


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