Reviews: Riots - Riots

Riots - Riots (digital)
(Subversive Records)

Here is a norwegian band that doesn't sound like Rancid or GBH. And Riots is ex Goldcrush, I don't remember what I wrote about Goldcrush, but the sound is similar to how they use to sound. It doesn't really matter what I used to think of them because this is good punk rock n roll with 77 influences. I know that Riots has connections with UK Subs, and the sound it's pretty much like the Subs. I have always been a sucker for 77-punk, the only doubts I have with Riots is the vocals who is a bit too well polished for me, and I would prefer more british accent than the american, or have I wrong? If you don't know is Riots actually a british/swedish/norwegian band. I have to say that I prefer the name Riots before Goldcrush. It is July right now, and the summer is the best season for Riots, I hope they will have a great summer.

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