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Mörse - S/t (digital)

Mörse from Lille in France have released their first EP. The music is pretty much about stoner rock and hardcore punk. I have to admit that stoner isn't my absolute favorite. I prefer their faster parts. And since it's not 100% stoner can I listen to this and actually enjoy them a bit. I like the melancholic feelings in their sound. This 3 tracks EP isn't bad at all, and Mörse will probably open my mind for this kind of music, even if I never will be a stoner haha. I can not refer to any bands since I'm blissfully ignorant of the genre, but still, it's good. And as I wrote, I prefer the punk and hardcore parts. When Pour Qui PreÍsde l'Effroi kickstart after 1.40 minutes is it really good.

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  1. Thanks ! You can listen to our songs here : http://morsereigns.bandcamp.com/
    and order a copy here : http://www.eastrainrec.bigcartel.com/