Schizo Fanzine 8

At last, here is Schizo Fanzine #8. Interviews: PARTiYA, Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium / Ungovernable Resistance, Really Fast Records, Subculture, Sub Alert. 45 reviews and much more. Download it for free. I will also make a PDF-file where the pages are sorted for everyone who wanna print their own copys. Feel free to make how many copys you want. Please send your feedback, suggestions, critics to schizodistro@gmail.com 

Download Schizo Fanzine #8 here
56 pages, 8.58 Mb (please spread this link)

Download Schizo Fanzine #8 print-version

Do you wanna print your own copy/copys? Here's a link where the pages are sorted for that case. Like (56-1, 2-55, 54-3...etc) It's free and if you have a distro is it just to sell or trade. Do what you want

Download Schizo Fanzine #8 JPG files
Here is all 56 pages as JPG files. The resolution is 120 dpi. This file is zipped and the size is 11,6 Mb. Feel free to download and upload on your blog, facebook etc

Or if you prefer to read it right on the screen...

Here's the front page of Schizo 8. I will soon get a download link for you who wanna download the fanzine as pictures (jpg).

Feel free to spread this. Enjoy!
I will start the work with Schizo Fanzine #9 right away.

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