Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.3

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.3 (Spotify)

Yet another compilation from Turist i Tillvaron are now released. The different genres are significant for this compilation collection. I find both old and new acquaintances. The Negatives who've belong to one of my favorite bands for a long time give me strong pogo feelings with their brilliant punkrock. Hyrda Knektar, another punkrock band, but with more pop feelings than The Negatives suprise me in a positive way. Uppgång & Fall have that classic swedish 80.s punkpop sound and the female/male vocals make it really good. Vervain, who use to be a good band isn't good this time, I think they have to decide how they wanna sound, it's the vocals who disturb me most it just doesn't sound good. The crust/hardcore bands on this volume is the mediocre Total Aggression, the good Träshers and another good band Livet som insats who play really raw and fast kängcore. Just like Uppgång & Fall have Vånna Inget that old punkpop sound, and I think it's allt the bands from that genre I like most from the Turist i tillvaron compilations. I didn't realize how good Vånna Inget really are, I wanted more and found more on Spotify, I have to buy their records when I get more money. Antipati is the last band on this volume, and if you've read all reviews in this issue do you already know how much I like them.

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